How to Install Node in Kali 2

How to install node in kali linux

The best way to install node in Kali is to use it using nvm
( Node Version Manager )

Step 1: Install a C++ compiler. Using the terminal type this commands
one by one.

 sudo apt-get update

 sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev

Step 2: Install NVM. This command is to install v.

curl -o- | bash

Once the nvm gets installed, restart the terminal

To check if nvm installed correctly

command -v nvm

It should output nvm

Step 3: Install node using NVM

We now have our nvm setup, so we can use it to install a particular
version of Node

In this case I am installing the 6.10.2 version

nvm install 6.10.2

This will install Node v6.10.2

After successfull installation, To check the node version

node -v

Hope This helps.