How to change password / Hack in kali 2 , incase you forgot it !

Today, an ultimate trick if you ever forgot your password in Kali 2.

Since you know the username which default is 'root' and default password is 'toor' . But while you entered a password in the setup process, sometimes it happens that you forgot it.

And you stay blank , because you are locked now ! And you find no way other than to reinstall the OS.

But my friend ! There's always a way out.

  Follow this steps if you want to login to the system back !
 ( A tunnel to the light )

 1. Boot your kali system and let the gnu grub page appears. From here click the advanced options for kali and press enter

2. Next page shows too options . Now simply select the second one Don't press enter. Just press E to enter the recovery mode

 3. Once in the recovery, you will something like this.

You see the highlighted once are the changes you need to make

change ro to rw
add init=/bin/bash

Now Press F10 to boot

A Black screen will end up waiting at root@(none): /#

Enter this : passwd root

Now you will be asked to enter a new password twice

Once done ! 

Congratulations. You just changed your old password !

Reboot the system Enjoy ! :D