Do you know anyone can hack in to Windows 10 as I did?

Lets try out something new, we all use windows 10 in our laptops and computers. Beware, I found it to vulnerable enough for hackers to peek in to your device very easily in minutes.

Okay , I took the device from one my friend. I told her not to give her password
 So , I went home with the device. And started the hack.

As you can see from the screenshots , I can access to her command prompt and do whatever I want  from the terminal. What i did is i created a new user account from the terminal and gave it the administrator access and deleted the old one.

You might be thinking How I accessed the terminal ??

So we take the advantage of the ease of access tool on the login page
by tricking windows in to launch the cmd

Select the 'On Screen Keyboard' Press shift over the menu.

There opens the cmd ! :D

Well what i did is I used live kali linux pendrive to rename osk.exe which resides in System32 to osk.exe.old and then rename cmd.exe to osk.exe

If you don't find osk search for sethc

So, What happened is when i clicked on On Screen keyboard. Cmd Opened Up

 Now i accessed the terminal and typed in the magical command to change the password.
The Command:

net user
Example: net user "Admin" temppass

If you don't know the password type in net user and locate it there.

Net User - /More Info Here

Now I could successfully log in using the new account !

Enjoy the hack !