How to Run Turbo C in Kali Linux

So , Today I am gonna teach you , how you can install turbo c in kali Linux

Step 1. Install Dosbox in Kali
             $ sudo apt-get install dosbox                  

Step 2. Download Turbo C (compressed)

You can download the compressed turbo c using the below link


Step 3. Extract the file and rename the folder as TC3 and move it to your home directory

Step 4. Open Dosbox and type the following commands

  1. mount c ~ [Note if you getting error "Drive C is already Mounted as/with Local directory home/username/" type the command "C:" ]
    cd tc3 [Here "tc3" is the folder name]
  2. Now Turbo Window will popup
    Click Enter 

  1. Now it will ask you " Enter the SOURCE drive to use :"   = Enter "C" in the place of default drive "A".
  2. Press "Enter" when it ask asks abour SOURCE Path
  3. Use UP/Down arrow keys .Select "Start Installation"
  4. Now the installtion goes on.once completed press any key to exit
  5. After the installtion you will find a new folder named as "TC" inside your Home folder
  6. Now you have to mount the new folder "TC"
  7. open DosBox Emulator window & Type "cd.." if the window is not closed.If the you have closed the DosBox window you have to write the following commands to mount the new folder
    Z:\>mount c ~
    C:\>cd tc
    C:\TC>cd BIN
    C:\TC\ BIN>tc.exe
  8. Now the Turbo C complier window will be shown.Write the programs and excute it as you have done on the windows
  9. If you want open Turbo C compiler in ubuntu you need to run to write the Step: 14 commands in DosBox Emulator to launch the compiler
  10. Thats' it


Unknown said…
it will show me an E: Package 'DOSBox
' has no installation candidate